About us



Every home and salon likely uses some type of pump bottle. While pump bottles are convenient, inevitably the pump stops working before the bottle is empty.

First introduced to the public in November 2019, Verso-Cap was created to help consumers squeeze the last drop of liquid product (lotion, soap, shampoo, conditioner) from bottles at the end of their use. Verso-Cap is:



*Easy to use



*Dishwasher Safe



Verso-Caps are sold as a set of 3 (small, medium, large) and are designed to fit most health and beauty bottles. They are packaged in reusable fabric bags and come with an instructional postcard made from recycled materials. Using a Verso-Cap is easy: simply remove and discard the pump, replace it with a Verso-Cap, and invert the bottle. The pump bottle becomes a squeeze bottle, allowing access to the liquid product that was left behind.


Verso-Cap, LLC is owned by my husband Steve and I was recently granted a patent by the US Patent office. We are a registered small business located in Minnesota.


We may be a small business but we have big dreams and lofty goals for Verso-Cap. We appreciate you taking the time to get to know us a bit better and look forward to sharing Verso-Cap with everyone.


Kind regards,